Going the Distance (2004)

Ελληνικός Τίτλος: Going the Distance...

Nick (Jacot), whose life seemed to be going perfectly, realizes he may lose his girlfriend to a famous music producer (Priestley). He sets out on a roadtrip from the west coast to go to the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto, along with two buddies (Tyler and Dime), for the road trip of their lives.

Ατάκα Τίτλου: They came. They saw. They came.

  • Mark Griffiths
  • Eric Goodman
  • Kelly Senecal
  • Κυκλοφορία: 19-08-2004
  • Προβολές: 226
  • Χώρα: CA
  • Γλώσσα: English
  • Διάρκεια: 93


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